"Travel is getting to know yourself by facing new experiences."

Sofie Couwenbergh, 
Wonderful Wanderings
"Travelling -  It leaves you speechless, then turns you 
into a Storyteller

Ibn Battuta Moroccan traveller and scholar.

Quotes to inspire the traveller in all of us.
Experienced traveller and Writer.
James is the founder and Managing Director of Boardingpassjourneys.com, Its been his dream to have more freedom to spend time with his family, to travel and share his experiences with everyone. During his journeys, he has come to appreciate life's journeys and to truly see the beautiful world we live in. 

About the Writer,
James Raffaele
Travel guide includes:
 General Information on Singapore for Visitors
   Local Foods 
   Helpful Maps
✓    Nightlife in the City 
✓    Recreation & Leisure
✓    Shopping in Singapore
Over 145 pages of helpful travel tips.

 I believe when visiting any country you should take the time to learn about the history of the place as its amazing how much a country can grow and provide for their citizens over the years.

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